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I am a Mixing & Mastering Engineer, I also produce, compose, and I enjoy playing instruments!


I enjoy the outdoors, cooking, relaxing, video games, and reading. 


I live in 

Kansas City, MO, USA.


Mixing & Mastering


Vocals and .wav instrumental: $190

Mixing & Mastering


Vocals and Instrumental stems: $270

Live instrument editing (time-align*):


Instrumental Only Mixing: 


Mastering Only:



I offer 3 revision-masters from our final master!

I will ask $25/revision-master after that. 

If you require alternate or live versions of your songs, please let me know, I can take care of that for you easily! 


*If your instrument recordings are clear representations of the music, or your stems are already edited, then this is not required. 

I enjoy hearing demos and talking with you before hand! Please use the contact button or the social media links

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  • YouTube
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